Are Single Blade Razors Better Than Multiple Blade Razors?

If you consider the latest trends in terms of shaving and razors, nowadays the manufacturers of razors are seen to pack a large number of blades into a single razor to increase efficiency and get that perfect shave. Razors nowadays have become very complex and have unnecessary additions like absurd no of blades and a host of moisturizing strip as well as a plethora of exfoliating features. Hence in case you are a person looking for a good and close shave without the ordeal of getting razor bumps and rashes, one would do good if they resisted this trend of razors with multiple blades. A single blade razor in combination with some great quality pre-shave lotion or oil along with some after shave lotion can be the best way to get a good shave without razor bumps.

Multiple blade

Multiple blade

When we compare the blades, a double edge blade razor consists of the traditional single blade system which is attached to a shaft. The shaft is not required to be replaced at all while using this. But the blades may be required to be replaced and that too within a span of four to five days every time. On the other hand, if we consider the multi blade razors, the razors have multiple blades attached to the razor handle and they can not be replaced. Such razors need to be disposed off after its expiry and a new one is to be purchased.


single blade

In a multi-blade razor, the multiple numbers of blades run over the facial skin several times. The initial first blade while passing over the skin pulls the hair in up direction whereas the second blade and the third blade cut the hair with ever increasing closeness. But most of the times with these razors, people tend to somehow cut the hair present under the skin also which is not required for a close shave at all. It might seem that we are getting a close shave but actually hair probably gets more trapped under the skin and one can get painful ingrown hairs, particularly men who have curly hair. Irritated hair follicles often swell up around the ingrown hairs and usually result in forming red razor bumps.

The double edge single blade razor or safety razor is usually seen to move over the face at such a gentle angle and cuts very neatly through the facial hair and does not pull the hairs at all. Hence the occurrence of ingrown hairs is seen to be drastically reduced and the face and the skin hardly experience any post shave irritation overall. We do not require a razor which actually cuts the hair under the skin so safety razor is used which lifts the hair gently and cuts it quite close leaving the remaining hair imperceptible but in such a way so they don’t become ingrown. They are also extremely cost effective and more efficient that multiple blade razors. The investment in time and costs for a single blade razor is worth it for that great shaved look and feel.

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