Reviews On Parker Safety Razors

When it comes to safety razors the one must not forget a very good manufactures of razors which are the Parker safety razors. They are very popular in the market and are well used among young and old people. Parker Specializes this shaving equipments in wet shaving products which are straight razor, Shaving cream, shaving brushes and also shaving soap.

parker stand, brush and razorSome razors are expensive because the want to provide you the best when it comes to appearance and performance. you get what you pay for, that why some safety razors are very expensive because the spend on the kind of blade the use and also the kind of material used to produce the awesome razors you see. Normally people get disappointed about some Parker razor because of the material used and the appearance of it.

We are not saying Parker razors are not good NO!!!, just some that people get disappointed in, In my own survey, some razor users like buying cheap blades and get disappointed about the performance of the razor, why do you just go for a more high end razor and enjoy what it means to get a very awesome blade razor.

So Today at Single Blade Razor Guide, we are going to be reviewing all the best of Parker razors and also what we think about the razors.

Parker 71R Razor Review

parker 71R review

Parker 71R razor is one of Parker collection of razor produced it is a 3 piece razors with a open comb, it also comes with a medium weight which is 2.8ounces and also has very short handle than what I expected, but anyone can make use of the handle like that, the handle we are talking about is in a black color which will fit a brush stand with all black accessories.

The razor head is relatively flat more than other Parker product which was produced, the aggressiveness of the razor is very low than what was expected.

As usual there is something to watch out for which is the razor alignment, some of the reviews seen always complain about the alignment of the blades which is a very good way to cut yourself when having a shave.

Parker 82R Review

parker 82R razor review

Parker 82R is a great razor produced by Parker, it is a super heavy weight razor and this tends to mean the heavier the razor the higher the quality of the razor and lots of users and reviewers have said about Parker 82R.

The Parker 82R safety razor is a simple butterfly razor which a awesome chrome finish . the only difference I see between Parker 82R razor and 99R is that the texture doesn’t give the same control as that of the 99R. Parker 82R razor comes with a knob at the bottom that allows you to twist it which is to open the razor it you want to remove and replace the razor and also twist it anti clockwise after replacing the razor back

The about Parker razor is that the Parker 82R is very aggressive when shaving, don’t be surprised about this because the weight and handle design give is a good balance when shaving.

Parker 99R Razor Review

parker 99r razor reviewParker 99R is a very great razor which in fact shaves well, as you can see the number 99R which means this is the best of Parker’s razors for now. It is classed as a “Super heavyweight” but I assure you that it is not as heavy as described it has a bit of heft which makes it feel nice.

The weight of the razor is really perfect and wonderful in balancing the control you need when handling a razor and it gives the clean and smooth shave we all want.

Parker 99R razor also a butterfly razor which instead of removing the head it opens. the butterfly design for the razor does not affect it functionality. The butterfly is one of the awesome features of the Parker products

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Parker Weakness

As said before, Parker blade razor are said not be aligned well which is not really good when shaving as it causes shaving injures

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