Best Safety Razor Blades For A Clean Shave

Having the knowledge of the Best Safety Razor Blades is important especially to men, as you know shaving is the part of day-to-day activities for many men and so they should be highly careful about the selection of the best shaving tools.

Best Safety Razor Blades

When it comes to grooming kits for men, razors should generally form part of the kit and here it is important they should have the best safety razor blades in their kit handy. Even though in some cultures having beard and mustache are known to show the masculinity of a man, in most places around the world, a man with neatly shaved face is considered to have a good look. Even for men, who do not want to completely shave, they should have the best tool handy at least for trimming purpose. Now, let us get into the top 8 options available for men to choose from

What makes the best safety razor blades?

Even though many disposable shavers are available in different brands, most men still prefer the conventional shaving kits, where they can replace the old blade with a new one. In such case here are the top brands available for men:

Top Best Safety Razor Blades

#1 Gillette 7 O’ Clock Super Stainless Blades

When it comes to shaving industry, Gillette is an irremovable name and their 7 O’ Clock is incomparable when it comes to sharpness. Besides sharpness, they are also known for their durability and men can get three or even four shaves per blade. This can be the best choice for beginners as these are both affordable and incredibly forgiving.

buy-from-amazon#2 Wilkinson Sword Classic

When it comes to double-edged safety blades, Wilkinson Sword Classic is the king. This can be the best choice for incredibly close, comfortable and smooth double edge shaves. As compared to stainless steel blades, this particular model will maintain its edge even longer because Wilkinson has used triple coating process of chromium to resists against corrosion. Even, ceramic is added for better durability and less irritation.

buy-from-amazon#3 Feather Razor Hi-Stainless Steel Double Edge Blades


Feather is a brand that is renowned for bringing the sharpest double edge razor blades in the market. To make sure that the users can get enhanced comfort, the manufacturers have used the platinum coating on these blades. The great thing about these blades is that they fit almost all traditional double edge razors. The rewarding closest shave from the Japan manufacturers, make the blades under this brand special.

buy-from-amazon#4 Kai Stainless Steel double edge razor blades

Kai SS double edge razor blades come from Japan and as most of us know Japan steel is considered the best quality steel in the world. The manufacturers have used medical grade SS in these blades to make it a safe option even for first-timers. As compared to other brands, the gauge steel used in these blades are thicker and they are known for their superior cutting edge to bring comfortable shaving every time.

buy-from-amazon#5 Derby Extra Double Edge razor blades

This blade from Derby can fit any safety razor under any brand. Made using stainless steel and the cutting edges are deposited with chromium ceramic, platinum, and tungsten with the help of advanced spluttering equipment for ensuring the best edge strength. This, in turn, will ensure the durability of Derby blades. To make sure that users can get optimum shaving comfort, the blades are coated with a polymer coating.

buy-from-amazon#6 Merkur Razor

Even though Merkur blades are nowhere in the top end brands among men, blades under this brand are known to be the ideal choice for men with coarse beards. The blades under this brand are known to have a slightly rougher edge as compared to other brands. But, the problem with this brand is its cost. The huge cost of blades keeps many men away from this brand.

merkur blades#7 Shark Super Stainless Double Edge Razor Blades

The best thing about the blades under Shark brand is that they retain their sharpness even after multiple shaves. Also, it will not be overly harsh or aggressive, thereby making it suitable even for men with sensitive skin. The blades can fit any brand razors regardless of whether a man owns Gillette, Jagger, Merkur, Parker or GEM razors. The affordability is one of the biggest advantages associated with this brand.

buy-from-amazon#8 Astra Platinum

Astra superior platinum blades fit all double edge razors and these blades are made out of high-quality steel. To ensure long lasting and smooth shave, each ASTRA blade is known to provide unsurpassed quality, durability, and smoothness. These blades are known to be a little aggressive on the skin and so men with sensitive skin are recommended to keep away from this brand.

buy-from-amazon#9 Pol Silver Super Iridium blades

As the name implies, this is a brand from Poland and even though, they look like new to the market, this brand was existing some decades ago. After disappearing for a while because of some changes in distributors, now the brand is back with a new look. Besides being smooth on the skin, they are also known for the durability.

buy-from-amazon#10 Personna double edge razor blades

Now, these glide-coated SS blades are 25% sharper and it is ideal for use in almost all brand safety shaving razors. The affordability of these blades is the biggest selling point and the sharpness brings the shopping for these blades more meaningful.

Conclusion Best Safety Razor Blades

To make sure that men can get the best results from any of the best safety razor blades mentioned above, men with sensitive or coarse facial hair are recommended not to use the blades for more than 3 times. As most blades cost lesser, they need not have to pay much to avoid irritation. For those young men, who are just trying out the blades, they are recommended to opt for sampler packs, such that they will have the chance to compare blades under different brands. To conclude, it is highly important that every man should invest on the blades and also razors that suit his skin type.

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