This article will tell you more about the Japanese straight razor and telling you the best of the Japanese straight razors available with a review of all of them. When it comes to super and clean shave with a taste of traditional shaving then a Japanese straight razor should be considered as it covers both eastern and western tradition which is said to be the best by the experts of shavers.

Japanese straight razor

Japanese Straight Razor gives you that sweet, clean elegant shave that makes your fellow man want to know what makes your skin so clear of beard, especially when you get used to the Japanese straight razor it also gives you that rewarding shaving experience that will make you love shaving with the Japanese straight razor. The Japanese Straight razor is makes out of the finest and highest quality materials which makes it much better than the disposable razors that you are aware of.

Best Japanese Straight Razor Chart

If you go to most of the aged barbers and well known hairdresser you may notice that some do have the Japanese Straight razor and actually use it more often than the popular razor you know because of the sweet traditional feeling it gives when shaving. If you buy a Japanese straight razor there is not doubt about it because you will enjoy even bit of using it to shave, you will also notice they are much cheaper than the razors you know, check out the Japanese straight razor here and reviews on amazon.

Top Japanese Straight Razors – You Need To Get One

As you know, that the Japanese Straight Razor are also called Kamisori are not common created by many companies of brand but are majorly made by two manufacturers called the “ Feather Japanese Straight Razor” and the “ Iwasaka Kamisori”. So we decided to give you the top best Japanese Straight Razor which goes along with the table above, this is just the reviews of the top and best Kamisori according to our customers and buyers, Single Blade Razor Guide is one of the best Razor reviewing sites so please trust ours listing and buy to get the best satisfaction.

The Iwasaki Kamisori AKA The Iwasaki Japanese Straight razor

Iwasaki Kamisori

The Shigeyoshi Iwasaki was said to be the master of Japanese Sword and straight razor making  and the Iwasaki Kamisori was the Japanese straight razor he made  and it is called the one and only true kamisori because of the reputation of the maker and people who have used the straight razor are the best to satisfy of the razor greatness.

Because Iwasaki Kamisori also studied the art of Japanese sword making and razor making, the made the Japanese straight razor from the best of materials that when you receive the razor and you feel it you will know you have bought the king of Japanese straight razors.

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The Feather DX Folding Razor

The Feather DX Folding Razor

This is one of the sharpest Japanese razor that you can use under the Feather brand, it also replacable like the Feather SS which is also foldable including the Feather DX. The users of the Feather DX are seriously complimenting the sharpness of the straight and also advices those who are totally new to the shaving with straight razor should be careful when it comes to the Feather DX razor has it is “ Very” sharp.

About the Feather Feather DX folding Razor which is said to water resistant also and it is made out of pure wood which also keeps the razor inside and hides or prevent it from external germs and keeps the razor clean for your shaving, it also counted as one of the Japanese straight razor.

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Feather SS Japanese Straight Razor

Feather SS Japanese Straight Razor

When you are talking about a straight razor that has class then you are talking about the Feather SS Japanese straight razor. It comes from the highes t quality materials, the handles of the Feather SS straight razor is total water resistant and the razor is so greatly engineered to give you the prefect shave. Users that reviewed the Japanese straight razor talked about how great it feels when using, the clean and quality kind of shave it gives them and how the handle feels using are just remarkable.

The Feather SS straight razor in case you don’t know is foldable and the razor of the feather SS is replacable, like I said before the blades are greatly engineered so the razor can last about 2 week or 11days before been replaced, which is totally cool I must say.


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The Feather SS Folding Razor

The Feather SS Folding Razor

Just like any Feather, the handle is great as it is also water resistant just like other, the razor which is also removable can be replaced with any other feather razor available as it works well with it.

As you can see from the picture of the Japanese straight razor that is it foldable also and according to reviewers, who rave about the kind of shave they get when using the razor and describe it as one of a kind and gets them this beautiful kind of shave.

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The Feather DX Straight Handle

Feather DX Straight Handle

Just like we described the Feather DX folding razor, this type of razor are for those people who love the straight handle razor and don’t like the foldable Feather DX. For some those that don’t know this Feather DX razor is normally treated with a chemical to give you that awesome and smoother shave.

The Feather DX straight Handle is simply unique and it comes with a uniquely craved handle for a comfortable shaving experience.

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When it comes to using the Japanese straight razor its simple the best than other straight razor we know, the razors are unique and give a awesome detailed shave which makes the shaver enjoying what he’s doing while shaving. We know there are also best single blade razor that can be used but not compared to the Japanese razor that why in these article we actually recommended the best. you can view all the japanese straight razor here on amazon and see the reviews from users. Simply Awesome

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