Advantages Of Blades To Electric Shavers

Razors are being used by men all around the world since a long way back and men started out from meager bronze blades as well as other obsidian tools to shave their beards and hair. But nowadays there are just so many shaving tools and equipments and options to choose from! Finding out what works the best for an individual is the key task of getting that perfect shave. Here we take up both electric shavers and the single blade razors and compare them to get an idea of what each of them has to offer and where they eventually lack.

Electric Razor: these shavers can just uproot the hair instantly and take less time than manual razors. These razors roll the skin upwards and force the hairs up prior to cutting them and hence once an area is done, it does not need to be revisited. Some call single blade razors heavier but it is no doubt that they are more portable and easy to use once you a find an electric source. Reduced expense is guaranteed since all the fancy grooming products like shaving creams, foams, gels and even warm water is not required to shave using electric razors. Their versatility makes them useful in shaving off facial hair, beards and mustaches as well as sideburns fashioning. It vastly reduces the occurrence of having nicks and cuts and ingrown hairs.

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The main issue is that electric shavers do not cut as close as the single blade razors and hence the overall finish is not quite as smooth and shaving has to be more frequent for people with normal or heavy facial hair growth. Electric shaver requires practice and in some cases can still be painful and cause irritation. Majority of electric shavers are completely useless if you want to shave in the showers since being wet can cause them to malfunction. They are also quite loud during use. They require batteries and require more maintenance.

Manual (Cartridge) Single Blade Razor: these kind of razors provide the closest possible shave and for a longer time than electric shavers and other types of manual shavers. Because their effortlessness and ease of use, they are much preferred as the standard shaving gear for all men on which they can rely. The blades as well as the shaving equipment are easily replaceable. Although the costs involved in repurchasing single blade razors can add up after a certain period of time, they are still among the cheapest and cost effective shaving solutions for men all over the world. They are easy to pack and travel with since they are light and easily cleaned.

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The main issue with single blade razors is their long time in shaving and the horde of grooming products which needs to be applied before, during and after the shaving process like shaving foams, aftershave lotions etc. The blades lose their effectiveness after 4-5 shaves and become dull and need replacements. Getting nicks, cuts as well as ingrown hairs is quite possible and frequent using manual razors as compared to electric shavers since one need to go over same area twice to get perfect finished shave.

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