What is Adjustable Safety Razor ?

Safety razor is very good when it comes to shaving and having a Adjustable safety razor makes lots more cool, Adjustable safety razor are single blade razor which the user has control over the exposure of the blade or razor. There is a knob just underneath the head of the razor that helps in adjusting the the blade razor exposure, the more the blade is exposed is how aggressive the shaving will become.

adjustable safetyrazor merkur So adjustable safety razors are very good as the give users the control over the aggressiveness of the razor they are using, normally some of the adjustable razor are vintage products and can only be found on auction sites where vintage products are sound but there are still some pretty cool adjustable safety razor that are not vintage products and they are produced by Murker and they are

  1. Murker Futur and
  2. Murker Progress


 Overview of Merkur Adjustable Double Edge Safety Razors


Adjustable safety razor is a very awesome innovation that allows all wet shavers to be able to adjust the blade gap of the razor which determines the aggressiveness of razor on the beard to be shaved and the skin of the user.

This design was created in the 1956 March 19 which the inverters are Meyer J. Shnitzler and Michael Douglas Benedict, Jr . But the first model of adjustable was brought to the market by Gillette which was “Fat Boy” and later Gillette brought 14 model of adjustable safety razor to the market.

Now you can see that only Merkur’s products were listed above and that because of Merkur products are still the adjustable safety razor in the market. The Merkur is popularly known among the wet shavers.

Also note there are also some Gillette vintage model still available in some auction stores online and offline too. So try some adjustable safety razor and see the control you have.

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