Your skin requires the best razor for a clean and prefect shave and that where Single Blade Razor Guide comes in. The Blog guides you to the prefect blade razor that you should have and also use and how it will act on your skin when shaving. Not every blade shaves perfectly and you that clean and hairless look then you have come to the right please to get the best blade razor for that face of yours. Have fun as you check out reviews of shavers and also as you buy them and see how good it shaves you.

Best Single Blade Razor Guide

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What is Safety Razor ?

what is safety razor- single blade razor guideSafety Razor are instruments used for shaving which guards the blade and glides along the body skin and because of the limit of the blade exposure it reduces injures on the skin while shaving. Safety razor became very used and can be quickly done by men in their bedrooms, toilets without the need of going to the barbers shop for a shave. This is one of the best traditional instruments that is still while used among the old and young as the safety razor was design to reduce injuries and safe time of users, giving them that sweet smooth look as they shave with safety razor.

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How To Shave With A Single-Blade Razor (Video)

Baxter of California Safety Razor

baxter od california single blade razorWhen is comes to shaving, no shaving sticks beat Baxter of California with over 30 reviews on amazon and also bagging a awesome 4.4 of 5 rating by the users of the products shows that the safety actually works for them and will definitively work for you, when it comes to single blade razor Baxter of California is actually a double edge safety razor which is also great. The blade are actually perfect for wet shavers. Normally the call the blades what your father and grandfather used in the old because it was first introduced in the 18th century. It a must have for everyone who loves a clean smooth shave

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Why Should You Buy A Single Blade Razor Than The Multiple Blade Razors?

Normally, when you think about it, you will say why buy a single or a double edged razor when you can buy multiple blades and get what the say in advert which says that only one slide through your breads will cut more than 3 slides of the single or double edged razor, yes that true, the first two blades will lift the hair up and the remaining blades will cut the hair closer and closer to the skin but they never tell you that multiple blade razor actually cuts the inner hair which is inside the side thereby causing razor bumps which are not good.

But with a single blade razor or a double edged razor you can have a prefect shave with no slight hope of razor bumps especially when you use a shaving oil. Like I always advised my friends to always use shaving oil with a single blade razor or even a double edged razor to have that clean and smooth shave without any signs of razor bump.

My advise, use a single blade razor or a double edged razor when shaving with a shaving oil and have a razor bump risk free shave unlike what the multiple blade razor actually provides.

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Benefits Of Using A Single Blade Razor Than Others

There are many benefits of using a single blade razor when shaving which am going to list some for you to see what happens when you use a this kind of single blades

  1. Its Cheaper when it comes to price
  2. Its prevent Shave Bumps
  3. Its easier to replace
  4. Available Everywhere

Do You Need To Apply After Shave Lotion?

after shave lotionSome people done find using after shave necessary but I do find it necessary and every person who shaves should have one even if you are using a electric razor or even a clipper you need to have a after shave lotion.

For us who use razor to shave the lotion seriously helps to give us to smooth feel after shave, reduce inflammation and also reduces the risk of razor bump. After shaves contains such as tea tree oil and jojoba oil, to reduce the risk of razor bumps and irritation. That why you need to use after shaving after shaving especially after you use a razor to shave.

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Razor And Shaving Brush Stand, Do You Need It?

shaving set standI loving my shaving equipment such as my Brush, Razor, After Shave, Shaving oil all in one place so I won’t start looking for it when I want to have a quick shave because of this I bought a Stand specially designed for shaving brush and Razor which makes everything look cool and arranged.

Some of these stands comes with a bowl for your shaving which is totally cool  and well thought out tho 🙂 , Why don’t you just see the awesome sweet designs of the stands and if you see the one you like, purchase it and have a clean and well arranged shaving set.

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